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Retail, online store, Trade Me in one system

Welcome to Ivor Software! Please watch the video below to find out how we make running your business easier by bundling your store point of sale, online store and Trade Me* all together at affordable cost.

*Trade Me ( is the largest e-commerce platform in New Zealand.
International merchants outside Australia and New Zealand are welcomed but you may not be permitted on Trade Me.

Ivor ERP system

Point of Sale

Our feature-rich point of sale system is fully integrated in Ivor ERP. You can make a retail sales, manage customers easily in-store with it.

Website store

You can get the template based shopping-cart websites from NZ$30/month or I can build your unique one if you have the budget.

Inventory management

Point of sale, shopping-cart website or other trading platform sales (if integrated any) can all be managed at one place.

Market place integration

Ivor ERP is currently integrated with Trade Me, the largest NZ online market place. More integration will be done as we grow.

Customised modules

If you need any unique business logics, we can not only customise Ivor ERP Framework to fit but also build the unique business logics as you require.

Standalone or cloud-based

Ivor ERP systems are available on my cloud - ready in minutes or in standalone version which you host your application with more control.

Not just a point of sale

Instant update over POS, Website & Trade Me

Always overselling products to a customer on your website or Trade Me store because you realize the e-commerce order too late and oversold it to another walk-in customer by mistake? With my system, you will no longer experience this issue because all stock inventory is controlled centrally in one system, enabling a product for sale as stock inventory is sufficient and disabling a product for sale when it is sold out across all other channels. The point of sale system may also be set up to disallow selling the product when it is already sold out on your website or Trade Me store. Any product sold out in your retail shop, it can be immediately removed from selling on your website and the Trade Me listing attached to this product will be updated automatically to another product in the prepared listing pool.

All in one system so easy to manage everything

Headache of having multiple systems to manage customers in store, on your website and from Trade Me? With my system, it will make your life a lot easier by having all orders and customers come to one system, for you to review customer order history, process orders and refunds and know your sales figures exactly. Nevertheless, it supports multiple currencies, customer group pricing and even multiple stores. It is simply a feature-riched system.

Cross-cultural, multi-language, mobile friendly websites

It's free or NZ$30/month upgrade to e-commerce

I have done a few ready-to-use templates. They are instantly available to you and they are free or you can upgrade the freebie to an e-commerce site by spending a little bit money to choose a paid plan.

My website templates currently supports English or Chinese at the store-front, making it easy for you to target different customers or break into the fast growing Chinese market and accept multiple currencies according to your back office setup. With the e-commerce website upgrade, you may accept Paypal, Polipay (NZ bank transfer with instant notification), Alipay Global and Wechat Pay as cusotmers place an order to you.

If you have the extra budget, we can optionally design your unique e-commerce website from $800 and we can usually deploy it to you in one week. I can also integrate with any other 3rd party including payment gateways or other stock inventory management system.

Available website templates













Simple Blue

Simple Blue

Simple Cyan

Simple Cyan

Simple Green

Simple Green

Simple Grey

Simple Grey

Simple Pink

Simple Pink

Simple Violet

Simple Violet

My projects

Happiyo Health LTD

Happiyo Health LTD is the NZ health product distributor. They have multiple store outlets and customers are buying the products from NZ local and overseas. The challenge with them is that they want to offer different prices based on buying region and also NZ customers need to be taxed GST while oversea customers are GST free.

Worldwide Holidays

Worldwide Holidays is the largest NZ travel agency in the NZ Chinese community. Most NZ Chinese are well aware of them. We have offered Worldwide Holidays rebuilding their website completely with mobile technology. It offers customers to search the trips available realtime on the website and can be shared on WeChat platform for marketing purposes.

Saintsco Ltd is the official website for Saintsco Limited and the Saintsco brand of anti-aging, skincare, health and beauty natural product range including the world renowned Bee Venom Mask made famous by Royals and celebrities users such as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. We have offered Saintsco the complete rebuild of their website.

Foods New Zealand

Foods New Zealand is the NZ health product distributor. Similar to my another customer from, these guys operate both in New Zealand and China and therefore some business logics are sepcially designed to fit their operations.

The Foundry UK

The Foundry is a global software company headquartered in London, with offices in Manchester, Los Angeles and Silicon Valle.The Foundry empowers artists and designers across the world. The website official Chinse website for The Foundry UK's Englsih website

We have offered The Foundry (UK) from design and development of their website based on Ivor ERP Framework V2.40.

Happy Mama Mall (KLMM)

Happy Mama Mall is the new business and they were buidling the website to break into the Chinese local market with NZ health products. We involve in development of their website based on the provided HTML+CSS template and we have offered and are working on the mobile solutions for them.

How it works

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Choose your free plan or select any upgrade option.

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Pay for the upgrade options you have selected.

Log In

Wait 5-20 minutes for the setup process to complete and login after you receive our email notification as it is ready.


Start learning to use the ERP system or follow further steps to choose a website template and set up your website with our built-in website wizard.

My simple pricing

It's free forever

1GB Storage

Small Business

  • Up To 100 Products
  • Up To 1000 Customers
  • Single Store Outlet Only
  • 2 Users
  • 1 Cash Register
  • Product Showcase Website
  • Trade Me Integration
  • Email Support
NZ$ 30 / month
Approx. US$21.44

4GB SSD Storage


  • Up To 10,000 Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Upgradable Up To 10 Store Outlets
  • 50 Users
  • 5 Cash Registers Included
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Trade Me Integration
  • Email Support
NZ$ 2000 / one-off
Approx. US$1,429.00

Your Own Server

Full Control

  • Unlimited On Everything
  • Updates Available for NZ$150/Year
  • Ioncube Encoded Framework Files
  • Shopping Website Customised
  • Source Codes Of Your Website
  • Remote Installation Included
  • Trade Me Integration
  • Phone/Email Support

Sales enquries

If you are unsure whether the system is right for you or have any special requirement to ask about or wish to get a quote for building a unique website, you can get in touch with me by writing me an email or messaging me. For existing customers, you may also login to client area and open a support ticket to me. I normally respond to customer sales enquries within 24 hours.

About me


Ivor He

Managing Director

Hello, my name is Ivor He, an one-man-band but full stack PHP/MySQL/HTML5/JQuery developer in Auckland, New Zealand. I came to NZ from China for study when I was 17 and migrated here in 2006 after graduation. In the time between 2007 and 2011, I owned and operated 2 Trade Me stores as my kids were little. I developed my own programming PHP framework called "Ivor ERP Framework" in 2012 after seeing many common problems from retailers, such as stock inventory sychronization between online and offline sales, time-consuming product listing work to retail system and other selling channels, incorrect despatch of goods by retailer due to massive product variants (colour/sizes) etc. Based on my framework, I have developed many websites and eCommerce systems for a lot of NZ based businesses, some of which are successful icons in the NZ Chinese community.