Stay in business while offline

Ivor POS Offline keeps your business running even though you have an Internet downtime for an extensive period. All data will be stored locally and uploaded when connection is back on.

Ivor POS Offline - Installation Guide

Ivor POS Offline is free to use with any plan but it is currently under BETA versions.

You do not have to install Ivor POS Offline to operate Ivor ERP. Ivor ERP comes with a cloud-based point of sale system that will work when you have an internet connection.

However, the Ivor POS Offline will give you the following benefits:

  1. Keep the business running while you do not have an internet connection, for extensive down time or even when your Internet browser’s local storage memory crashes. All data are kept in the local MySQL server.
  2. The cloud-based POS and offline POS will exchange data including customers, products and orders information where a stable connection is available.
  3. You can still access to the cloud-based POS from the offline POS web interface.
  4. You can access to local hardware such as Eftpos machine, pole display or weight scale after Ivor POS Offline is installed (Hardware access is only available when Ivor POS Offline is installed).
  5. Faster page loading speed as the POS system is installed on your local computer

Please note that customer credits / rewards are currently not available for redemption from Ivor POS Offline.

Windows Installation:

  1. Download Ivor POS Offline from the client area.
  2. Unpack the zip file onto C:\.
  3. After you unpack the files, you should see a folder called “xampp” on the C Drive (C:\xampp).
  4. Run C:\xampp\setup_xampp.bat and follow required steps to get the xampp server installed.
  5. Run C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe to keep XAMPP running the local PHP and MySQL servers.
  6. Open “Google Chrome” from your computer (or install Google Chrome if you don’t have it)
  7. Copy this text “chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost” and paste into Google Chrome’s address bar and click Enter key, and then click “Enable” after it opens the setting page.
  8. Now you can access https://localhost/ivorpos on Google Chrome.
  9. Follow the common setup steps below to connect the cloud-based and offline POS systems.

Linux / MacOS Installation:

(We will update the section later on)

Common setup steps:

On the cloud-based Ivor ERP system:
1. Go to “Settings -> Terminals -> Add Terminal” (If you do not see Terminals section under Settings, means that you have not enabled offline terminals in your selected plan)
2. Fill out the required fields:
– Terminal Name: Just any name that’s meaningful to you to remember this device
– Terminal Code: This will be used by Ivor POS Offline
– Terminal Key: (leave it blank for auto-generation on save)
– Cash Register: Choose the cash register that the offline device will be recognised as.
3. Click “SAVE”.

On the Ivor POS Offline system:
1. You should see the setup page when you access it the first time, but in case if you don’t see the setup page, you can access it by this URL:
2. Fill out required fields:
– Your online server:
– Your company code: yourcompany (If you have not requested to change it, it will be the first part of the domain name)
– Terminal code: enter as what you have entered from the cloud-based system
– Terminal key: enter as what the cloud-based system has generated for you.
3. Click “Install Now”.

After the above steps, Ivor POS Offline will download the cloud-based system’s database and product images. Please note that it will take a little while to complete it the first time.

After download is completed, congratulations you have done it! Now you can login with your username and password to Ivor POS Offline. After you login, you can go to ‘Device Setting’ on the left menu, and configure the hardware devices such as pole display, weight scale or Eftpos machine.

If you still prefer the cloud-based POS, you can click on “Access Cloud-based System” button.

Need Support?
Please open a support ticket from your client area and provide as much information as possible.