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For any customised project, business systems, 3rd party system integrations Check out my development skills

Thank you for your interest first of all

If you are interested in hiring me to develop any projects for you, I’d love to hear from you. It would be nice if you can let me know what your project is about, your budget, development schedule and a deadline so that I can give you an idea whether I can do it or not.

I am an experienced full stack PHP developer. I can do both back-end and front-end at the same time plus some simple graphic design work too – saving your money from hiring other developers or designers to work with me. I am happy to take projects from small to big. No job is too small for me but I’d prefer to do more complex jobs as it is not only my job but also my interest to do so.

My PHP/MySQL skills are intermediate to senior level and front-end skills including all HTML5/CSS and Javascript skills are also at above average level. Most complex systems or fancy front-end pages are usually not a problem for me.

If you have any job requiring development skills such as PHP, MySQL (or other similar database), HTML5, CSS, Javascripts (including JQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS), you are most welcomed to get in touch.

Hourly rate

My development hourly rate is NZ$160+GST per hour. I have my own office in Newmarket, Auckland or I can come to you if you provide enough hours. I have close relationships with our graphic and UI designers and may provide all-in-one solution with managing the whole project from start to delivery.

For long-term customers or bigger projects, a maintenance contract price with discounts can be provided, you can pay out with PAYE deduction to me or I can invoice you by end of every week – the choice is yours.

My Availability

Being a freelance developer and running my own Software-as-a-Service business, I have to have tons of small jobs on hand and keep improving my own software framework all day to survive in the market. However, I am not only busy but also hard working. For smaller jobs, I can usually take it immediately and deliver in one week. For bigger projects or contractor offers, please allow minimum 2 weeks for me to free up all my work on hand. Once I have committed to your contract, I will deliver it as promised.

Wanna talk to me now?

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