Development Skills

Here i introduce you my development skills available. Please let me know if you have any query.

My development skills

I am a full stack PHP developer. If you do not limit technologies in use, I normally develop most systems on PHP+MySQL+HTML5+JQquery. For some newer systems, I have used AngularJS or ReactJS for its optimal front-end speed. ReactJS is the most impressive technology to me recently. Although I am not that used to JSX syntax, I am picking this up to develop more systems using ReactJS instead of JQuery.

You might see I have rated myself .NET skills very low. I have worked on .NET applications while I was working in the year 2006 on .NET Framework version 2.0. I am not that keen on taking .NET jobs nowadays since I am behind it quite much now but I can, if you request me to, convert any old-fashioned .NET applications into PHP.

Here below it shows my skills and my self-rated points out of 100.

  • PHP and MySQL common skills 80%
  • PHP MVC framework / Object-oriented programming 75%
  • Open source CMS or shopping cart systems 70%
  • Linux system administration 65%
  • HTML5 and CSS3 70%
  • Javascript/JQuery 70%
  • AngularJS 50%
  • ReactJS / JSX 30%
  • Cordova (Mobile Apps) 50%
  • C#.NET or VB.NET 10%

I rated myself PHP+MySQL skills higher than others because I have been working on PHP since its version 4 and I have worked on various CMS systems including WordPress and Joomla. I also have very good understanding of MVC structure and always build applications in such structure. For example, Ivor ERP System is built on Codeigniter framework.

I have been exposed to many front-end skills these years since I became the freelance developer, including Bootstrap, AngularJS and ReactJS. I am also managing 7 Linux (CentOS) servers so my Linux administration skills are not bad either.

If you need someone who’s reliable to work on any contract or complex systems, please kindly consider about me for that.

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